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Five Powerful Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Classical Ballet School for Your Child in Singapore

Classical ballet is one of the most beloved and respected forms of dance, which has been around since the 16th century. The graceful movements, musicality and expressive nature of classical ballet have made it a popular form of performance art, not only among professional dancers but also among beginners. When you are thinking of enrolling your child in classical ballet classes, it is important to choose the right class for their age and level of experience.

Know Your Child’s Skill Level

The best way to ensure your child gets the most out of their dance classes is to match them with a class that suits their current skill level. It’s important to consider if they are just starting out with little or no knowledge about ballet or if they already have some experience and want to take their training further. If your child is just starting out, an introductory beginner course could be ideal for them as it will give them an introduction into basic steps, terminology and movement principles. On the other hand, experienced dancers can benefit from more advanced classes that offer greater attention to technique and artistic expression.

Consider Their Availability

When examining different classes for your child, consider what their availability looks like throughout the week. It’s important that their schedule fits with when the class is offered in order for them to be able to attend all lessons. You might have to find a balance between getting them into a class that offers enough challenge while also allowing enough time away from studying or school work if they are still attending school at this age range.

Assess What Style of Ballet Is Taught

Different instructors may specialize in different styles of classical ballet such as Vaganova or Cecchetti technique. Depending on what style you would like your child’s instructor to teach in, look into what styles are taught by each teacher before committing your child into any program. Ask around or do some research online about how each style differs from another so you can get a better understanding of how each method can influence your child’s education as well as performances later on in life.

Pay Attention to Teacher/Student Ratio

It’s essential that teachers don’t fill their classes up too much so they can give each student enough support throughout their learning period. Look up information on how many students are usually present in each class so you know there won’t be too many people and not enough guidance in each lesson. This should prevent overcrowding meaning every student gets individual attention throughout all sessions which can ensure students grasp information quicker and better understand concepts by having more one-on-one interactions with tutors.

Take Trials Before Committing to Any Class

Before fully enrolling your child into any program make sure trial sessions are available so both parent and student can get a feel for how enjoyable it will be before making decisions. Trial classes will often consist introductory activities such as stretching, warmups, simple combinations, learning appropriate positions etc. After this trial process, look carefully at how comfortable both you and your children felt during sessions before signing up!

Choosing the right classical ballet lesson for your children is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure you familiarize yourself with all aspects mentioned above before making any drastic decisions regarding classes!