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Infidelity – Infatuation Versus Love

Adulterous relationships produce chemically based infatuation highs of intense feelings. Infatuation is chemically based and isn’t love. It represents an individual’s unacknowledged Self love along with a distorted projection made profane and ego-centric.

It’s a high-energy experience sustainable for limited periods. If your couple does not lessen the energy of the union, it’ll expand past the capacity from the human containers and explode. The lists below compare like to prolonged or obsessive infatuation. It’s not an immediate comparison to infatuation since this is frequently a precursor to committed love. Infatuation isn’t bad, it jump starts rapport, however when rapport hasn’t moved beyond this early on it’s no longer a proper condition.



never tires, grows greater and more powerful

mystical, holy, Divine

heals and nurtures…

complete, satisfied, independent

giving, symbiotic

creative, generative, enables growth

Prolonged or Obsessive Infatuation


weakens as time passes and goes away

Biological: attraction from the loins


clingy, needy, dependent, seeks save

taking, parasitic

destructive, threatened by growth

Forget Science

Some Say Love…

…it’s an emotion.

…it’s a feeling.

…it’s an action.

…it’s a choice.

Love is both a noun along with a verb. Integrated love may be the mixture of all. It’s unfair to assert a thief who isn’t acting love isn’t feeling love humans are emotional beings and love isn’t a simple concept. An individual in complete pleasure and mental health (ease) is capable of doing all–love is integrated. It’s inappropriate to put such expectations on individuals who’re psychologically unwell–in dis-ease.

Love may become separated from the complete Self. It might be fragmented. Love feelings might be present amongst the lack of love the sensation, love the experience or love the selection. Love isn’t a selfish action engaged in the expense or deprivation of others.