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What jobs can you get in tourism?

Ever fascinated by getting a job that requires you to work indoors or outdoors, seasonally or every day, on flexible or fixed schedules? Tourism and hospitality is an industry that breaks the conventional methods of a career path and offers versatile choices for interested people.

As interesting as it may seem, the tourism sector is equally challenging and requires industry-specific knowledge to carry out daily activities and work requirements. Whether you like to run your business in the hospitality sector or travel across the world earning enough, a BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management will equip you with the skills to do it successfully.

If you are interested in a travel-oriented and diverse career path, let’s explore what are the jobs you can get in the tourism sector.

  • Tour manager

Tour managers are responsible for planning and managing the entire tour of the travellers and ensuring its smooth coordination. As a tour manager, you must organize the tour and coordinate with other team members and travellers to make it a success.

You should verify the documents of travellers, inform them about the itineraries and places of visit, arrange accommodations and transport facilities for the travellers and ensure their safety until the end of the trip.

  • Hotel manager

Becoming a hotel manager is one of the highest-paid jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector. As a hotel manager, you must coordinate and supervise the day-to-day activities in a hotel from housekeeping to marketing.

You are responsible for managing the hotel services, coordinating marketing plans, preparing sales strategies and recruiting staff members whenever necessary.

  • Travel agent

We often rely on travel agencies to sort out the best vacation packages for us. Travel agents work in travel agencies to manage the travel requirements of the clients.

As a travel agent, you must curate travel plans according to the tastes of the clients and coordinate with other travel partners to ensure that the plans are carried out effectively. You should also be involved in the marketing and sales campaigns of the agency you are working for.

  • Tour guide

If you love to travel and explore places and have adequate knowledge of the history and culture of places, being a tour guide is the career for you. As a tour guide, you must guide travellers around different places and explain the cultural significance of each destination to them.

For this job role, you must have authentic knowledge of places and should be willing to explain it to the travellers whenever necessary without any hesitation.

  • Tourism officer

As a tourism officer, you can work for public and private organizations. Your responsibilities include marketing, developing tourism campaigns, developing e-tourism websites, etc.

You also must write copies for tour guides and newsletters, organize seasonal festivals and events at tourist destinations, prepare funding applications and write reports. 

The skills learned in the tourism management degree are useful in several other fields such as event management, customer service management, restaurant management, etc. The tourism sector is full of possibilities and is yours to explore.