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5 Student Types Every British Language Teacher Ought To Know


Inside a study from the learning type of adult ESL students, Willing (1985) found four different learner types:

o Concrete learners – preferring using games, audio-visuals and pair work

o Analytical learners – preferring structured study methods and texts, verbal-linguistic activities and self-correction

o Communicative learners – preferring using role plays, simulations and realia

o Authority-oriented learners – who require detailed explanations, take copious notes and sometimes use manipulatives

Additionally towards the citing of those four types (J.C. Richards, 2004) you will find these five “typical” classroom types which i think teachers should know about. These are with a few suggestions on ways of educate them.

  1. The Training Disabled Student

Poorly prepared since primary school with highly underdeveloped fundamental skills, this kind of learner might even be deficient within their L1, or first language.

Teaching Strategy: A proper dose of persistence and adapting materials for their preferred learning characteristics are mandatory.

  1. The LEP Student

The Limited British Proficiency (LEP) learner has likely “progressed” through earlier or ‘abnormal’ amounts exclusively by way of “piggy-backing” from the abilities of the better classmate or partner. You, because the teacher, are actually confronted with a newbie level student within an intermediate or greater level class.

Teaching Strategy: Remedial work outdoors of sophistication contact hrs will probably be needed here. Reinforce work from ‘abnormal’ amounts through tutoring sessions, workshops or perhaps “extra” classes outdoors the needed norms to assist this learner to “get caught up” where they must be.

  1. The Teacher’s Pet

Their homework is definitely done, practice activities are nearly perfect, their notes immaculate and helpful, their hands increase instantly as a result of an issue or activity. The Teacher’s Pet is really a teacher’s dream. Yes, they are available and the expertise of teaching them is really a truly memorable one.

Teaching Strategy: This is when getting individuals prepared extra assignments and activities is really worth it off. The Teacher’s Pet will finish the normally-provided exercises and activities fairly rapidly and sometimes well in front of the other students. So enjoy and whip individuals “extras” in it -they’ll adore you for this.