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Why are After-School Programs so Important?

The after-school programs have grown in their demands and the responses are very overwhelming. This is happening majorly because of their advanced benefits for students. Every 9 out of 10 adults believe that these programs are important for the community and over 19 million kids are still waiting to get into this. The kids who attend these programs have proven to have better grades with better foundational skills as compared to the ones who have not attended.

Here’s an important data revealed about this program:

  • Maths and reading grades are improved for every 1 out of 2 people.
  • There is a huge improvement in the behavior of 60% of students in their class.
  • The ability of completing homework and class participation has increased for about 68% of the students.
  • 78% of the students in STEM have started expressing their interest in a career of science after taking up these programs. They have also gained essential skills like perseverance and critical thinking.

The children find themselves better engaged when involved in inquiry-based and hands-on learning based courses. They understand better about what it feels to be a mathematician or a scientist. The programs are more about rolling up their sleeves and having fun at the learning place. They can play and build relationships at the same time, enrich their academics, and have a sense of belonging within them.

This program integrates social and emotional learning into everything that a child does or will do in the future. The program promotes social and emotional learning (SEL) skills. They also have a lot of scope to set the learning objectives for the youth that includes the emotional as well as the character development.

There are less disciplinary issues faced by the tutors too, and there is a broad demographic of the teaching faculty present. With the encouragement from the parents, the children find it more enticing to acquire new skills and develop their mastery.

Here are some facilitation tips followed by the program initiators and that is why the students are so keen to take them up:

  • The program asks open ended questions and this makes the child think deeply about any given topic.
  • The child gets enough time to coin their thoughts.
  • Every child gets equal opportunity to talk their heart out.

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