The thought of starting college can be exciting. There are new experiences and learning which is in store. When you are headed off to college, there is so much that is there on your mind and one of them is finding a York University Residence. You need to figure out where you are going to stay. Whether you want to stay on campus or off-campus. While you are making this decision, you need to analyse your choices carefully. So we are here to help you make that decision.

Commuting to university

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is commuting to university. If you don’t own a car, then staying on campus will save you money by cutting your transportation costs. It will also save you all that effort of travelling by a mode of public transport. Apart from that, it would also give you the liberty to sleep in on days you are tired.

Having your own space

If you are someone who loves their privacy, then living off-campus is a great idea. When you live off-campus you can choose to have a roommate or not. While living off-campus you would also be away from constant supervision, which is the case for most on-campus students. In dorms, you aren’t provided with the opportunity to choose your own roommate. In the case of dorms, there are dorm rules and curfews that you need to abide by. You would also be required to share the communal bathroom with the other students.


Another attractive reason for living off-campus is that you have more food options. You can purchase your own groceries and cook your favourite meals whenever you want to. This type of freedom isn’t given to you when you are living on campus. You can only purchase food from the restaurants and cafeterias which are there on the campus.


Finances are one of the key factors in deciding where you are going to be living. Living on campus and sharing an apartment with a couple of roommates costs about the same. However, if you are looking to save on your living expenses, then living on campus turns out to be a cheaper option.

Roommate or not?

Whether you want a roommate or not is a question that might bother you for a while. One of the biggest advantages that off-campus students have is that they can choose who their roommates are going to be. You can even get a private space if you want. When you are living on-campus you can only get a private room when you have some medical reason or some other legitimate reason.

Medical Facilities

One of the best parts of living on-campus is that you have security all the time. In case of a medical emergency, you can always make use of the medical facility that is available on campus. Off-campus you might have to pay for the nursing services, which will only add to the expenses.