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How much time is sufficient for the preparation of the GATE 2022 Exam?

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Are you worried about how long it will take to complete the syllabus for the GATE 2022 exam? It is important to understand that clearing the GATE examination is definitely not an easy one to clear. It becomes a bit easier for the candidate who diligently studies during their undergraduate program as they are capable of covering the course in 3-4 months. 

Also, it is not possible to provide an exact time duration for all as everyone has a different intellectual level and grasping capabilities. But, in general, a good proportion of appearing candidates are able to complete their preparations in 6-7 months. In this article, you will know why 3-4 months duration is sufficient for GATE 2022 exam preparations.

What is GATE?

Have you thought about what you will do after you get your engineering degree? Are you a science student and planning to join the public sector? Here is one alternative as you can start preparing for the GATE exam; it will help you in securing your seat in prestigious institutes. Moreover, it is a screening-level test for engineering-related or PSU jobs. The full form of GATE is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering and this exam is held once every year.

GATE 2022 Exam Date and Preparations Pressure

There are approximately nine lakh aspirants appearing for the GATE 2022 exam, which will be held on 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th February 2022. Every year hundreds of candidates appear for this examination. Hence, the competition is huge. You might have come across many candidates who have been giving this exam for the past two years but still couldn’t clear the cut-off. This happens due to the absence of proper guidance. Moreover, candidates think it will require at least 1-2 years to prepare for GATE, but you will be amazed to know that it is not the case. With proper time management and consistency in the study pattern, one can crack this exam in their first attempt. Here is the basic idea for you to clear the exam in 3 months; however, it may vary according to the candidate’s preparations.

Take most out of 3 months

If one is determined and hardworking, then 90 days are sufficient to mark a seat in the upcoming GATE exam. Here is the division of these days into four phases, which will guide you on how to strategize your studies.


  • Phase I: 15 days period

The initial days are very skeptical; hence, you need a full-proof plan and materials for continuing your studies without any hindrance. First, go through the syllabus and understand what new topics are added or the familiar topics are there. Then, analyze the marks distribution according to the topics within the subject; be more precise as you cannot waste a minute preparing for an unimportant topic. 

After you jot down all the important and maximum weightage topics, collect study materials from the same; if it is self-made, then crosscheck whether you have covered important topics or not. If not, seek an instructor, tutor online, or offline who can avail you of the same. Besides, solved question papers, mock papers, sample papers, video lectures, books, etc., are all included in the study material.

Divide your subject into different time slots and manage to finish these topics in their slots. Start preparing short notes and try to cover as many basic topics as you can to build the foundation or base for the studies. If your fundamental concepts are clear, you will not be stuck in complicated problems while dealing with difficult topics.


  • Phase II: 30 days period

Solve previous 20-25 years question papers at BYJU’s Exam Prep; this will help you understand your mistakes, weak points, and relevant topics. A smart method of study is to cover major topics and solve questions related to relevant topics. Then, once you are aware of topics you are lacking and necessary one, revise again so that they become your strong point.


  • Phase III: 30 days period

Try to cover mock test papers available at BYJU’s Exam Prep in the remaining time and give 2-3 hours each day in solving engineering mathematics and brainstorming general awareness. In this one-month duration, you should at least solve ten to twelve subject-wise question papers or mock papers. The next step is to rectify your mistakes and revise the already prepared portion of the syllabus.


  • Phase IV: 15 days period

Most candidates lose their confidence when exam dates are near and only a week or two is left; this lowers their morale and affects the result. Hence, keep yourself motivated during this time; continue with the solving and revision process.

By following the above strategy, you can clear the GATE exam and achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Moreover, these guidelines can be the turning point of your life and open the gate of government jobs or higher studies. Hence, do ensure that you read the above-mentioned details thoroughly.

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